Learning these days is not limited to classroom lectures and training. It is the voyage of discovering more that encourages us to learn. School libraries play a very vital role in education system and are an essential part of school setup.

The School library has stocked more than 5,000 books on a variety of subjects and new books the students in selecting authors and subject that best suit their interests, to inculcate the habit and provides newspapers and magazines of national repute. We subscribe to the leading newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals that keep our students abreast with national and international events.

Modern Public School, library is a well set-up library. It is a very big library on the first floor of the school that consists of several bookstands and cabinets. Books are precisely arranged in alphabetical order in these bookstands and cabinets. It has a wide range of books on diverse subjects, story books, comic books, biographies and magazines. At the entrance there is the librarian's desk. There are rows of tables and chairs in the center of the library for students to sit.

All the students visit library as per their classroom visit schedule. Library cards are to be carried to visit library. Our librarian is very helpful in locating and selecting books as per our needs. We are allowed to borrow one book at a time and the records for the same are maintained by the librarian. We need to ensure that the books are not damaged by us and are returned on time.

The audio-visual section with a range of video and audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs and E-books will be started soon.