principle desk

With the twinkling of an eye, another new year is present at our door step with the much expectation and dreams. I indeed feel proud that with the passage of time, our reputed institution, modern Public School, has not only retained but accelerated its past glory and heritage. To propel the school system of education, we claim to create an atmosphere where students can attain the fundamental ethics of life - honesty, love, companion, and co-operation and the best education so that they can shine in all fields.

Needless to say, our teaching staff and their overwhelming pledge to make the school reach its peak has made my cherished dream easier. When all these constituents come together, expected results are bound to flow. Above all, our honorable Director Madam's dream is to spread the education in its sincere and real ways around far and near region of its location at Jhumri Telaiya, as the rising sun. As a team, we are working round the clock to realise her cherished motto.

On a final note, I can assure that the blooming stars of our school will charm entire India with their achievements. Our school presents a happy blend of traditional and modern progressing trends of schooling.

Mr. P. Hazra

B.Sc (Mathmthics)